East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography


Shortbread, Tea and a Terrapin!

It is actually October right?

I ask this because I am not sure that you would have been able to tell this weekend in Yorkshire! It was glorious.

Mirelle and I arrived at East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley on Sunday morning ahead of our wedding venue visit with the lovely Becky and Matt. They are getting married here in Nov and we are lucky enough to be their wedding photographers, so we wanted to have a little look around ahead of the big day! we also thought it would be a good chance to get a few pictures with them before we all do it for real in a months time.

We had arrived a little early so we made our way to the café that is situated in part of the building. It was just before 11am so the perfect time to have a cup of tea and a lovely slice of shortbread. If you visit the hall (and you should, it’s stunning) I would recommend the cherry shortbread.

Becky and Matt arrived shortly after and we all had a walk over to the barn in which the ceremony and reception will take place. It is a fantastic venue and it was looking extremely pretty with fairly lights wrapped around all the exposed beams. The roof is also low enough to bounce a flash should we need it come the reception! (photographers head on).

After a brief chat in the barn we made our way over to the hall itself and its stunning gardens. We had a slow walk around and stopped in a few spots to take a few pictures and work on a few ideas. I think it is safe to say that we are all excited for the big day now and cannot wait to get some amazing images for Becky and Matt to cherish pour toujours! (forever).

Oh yes, the terrapin, I almost forgot … on the way out of the hall after the shoot there was a bit of a congregation appearing over on the edge of the duck pond. An eagle eyed visitor with a pair of binoculars had spotted a huge terrapin that had apparently climbed out and was sunning itself on a tree root! I told you it was too warm to be October!

Russ & Mirelle x