Medium Format is coming ...


Hi everyone!

It's been a while since our last blog so apologies for that, but we have been super busy with lot's of magazine editorial and event shoots over the winter months, so finding time to blog has been difficult! .. but we can't wait for spring now and the many weddings we have lined up.

We are ready, the digital camera's are ready and so are the Polaroids .. and we now have a new camera to add to the family that we are thinking of using for engagement shoots and for certain wedding shots if you guys are interested!? 

 Flexaret TLR VII

Flexaret TLR VII

The Flexaret Twin Reflex v.VII medium format camera. 

We will be back with another blog soon with some initial thoughts and sample images. 

Russ & Mirelle x

The other stars of the show!


It's been a while since our last blog .. please forgive us but January has been a month of recharging the batteries ready for the 2016 season.

We cannot wait to get started again with all the amazing weddings we have this year.

We still have some weekends free so please give us a shout if you are getting married this year and would like us to be part of your big day. 

One thing we will be looking forward to as always is getting some more great shots of the "other stars of the show" the youngsters at the weddings that we attend. These guys are usually up to lots of interesting things and are often interacting with guests in adorable ways. This means great photo's and memories ... 


Kate & Richard

Pour Toujours Wedding Photography | Leeds U.K

Well, that is the festive period over and what a great one we had. We got to shoot two wonderful weddings between Christmas and the New Year and we thoroughly loved every second of it. The festive period is special in it’s own right but when you add in a wedding it becomes even more magical.

So we are super excited to share with you the pictures from Kate and Richard’s amazing wedding in Leeds. Part one was the ceremony at The Chapel at Leeds Trinity AC followed by an amazing reception at Weetwood Hall

We love Kate and Richard, they are perfect together and so much fun, from the minute we spoke on the phone I knew they would be awesome … and so it turned out! The engagement shoot in and around Leeds city centre was none stop laughing and joking and it really made our job so much easier. We feel really privileged to have been able to capture the day for them. 

… and they live just round the corner so no doubt we will see them for a coffee at some point in the future! 

Oh, and they have a "jumping in front of the camera fetish" .. just saying.

Click Me for Pictures!

Claire & Christian


Christmas day dinner (drinks) had hardly had time to settle before we were busy covering two weddings in three days on the 27th and 29th of Dec this year. We like to do things differently at Pour Toujours, especially with our images, so to continue that ethos I am blogging about the wedding we shot on the 29th first! Don’t worry though, there will be another blog to cover the first wedding in a few days.

This particular wedding was shot for my brother from another mother, my best mate! Who I have known for many years and had the pleasure of living with for a fair few of those. So this was an extra special day for us, we got to take the pictures that captured their amazing day and then we got to put the camera’s away and enjoy the day with them. 

We arrived at the Coniston Hotel in Skipton to shoot the bridal prep pictures with Claire and her bridesmaids at 8:30am. Obviously they were already onto their (insert number here) bottle of bubbly so we had lots of fun. The room was amazing and had a stunning view over the lake. We really loved getting pictures in here! 

We left on the bus with the guests and arrived at Skipton for the ceremony just before 11am.

After the ceremony it was off to the Craven Arms in Appletreewick for the breakfast and evening party. 

We did take 30 minutes out to pop back into Burnsall though to get some couple shots with just Christian, Claire and their little boy Charlie.

All our love for your future together! 

Russ & Mirelle x 

View the images here


Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, we’ll be shooting most of the time!


Christmas is going to be extra busy for us this year, I think I might see if I can borrow a few elves from the big man to carry my camera bag and change the batteries in my speedlights. Just two days after eating our own body weight in food Mirelle and I will be spending the day with the awesome Kate and Richard for their big day. I think we are all hoping for a nice dusting of snow, well, I am at least! 

We spent the morning with Kate and Richard last month taking their engagement shots in and around Leeds at their favourite places. We had an awesome time and we can’t wait to see them again. 

Then on Dec 29th we are at my best friends wedding in the Yorkshire Dales, Christian and Claire, this should be another amazing day … This one will be a little different as when we have finished taking pictures for the day we will be joining in with the celebrations! Hurrah! 

What a perfect end to the year. 

See you all in 2016 

Russ & Mirelle x  

Leeds Wedding Photography by Pour Toujours | Vintage and Alternative Destination Photography 

Becky & Matt


Wow! what an amazing day we had with Becky and Matt on the 7th of Nov 2015 at East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley when we were the lucky photographers that got to shoot their amazing wedding.

The day started for us at around 10:30am when we arrived at Hollins Hall Hotel to take the bridal prep pictures with Becky. We arrived just after (I think) the champagne had started flowing and spent a few moments speaking to Becky and her fellow bubbly drinkers! We then set about getting some incidental images of the all important dress and shoes before moving onto the shots of Becky getting her make up done. A little arranging of the curtains and a dimming of the room lights allowed us to create some great light for these shots.

We left the girls to it after an hour or so and drove over to see Matt. When we arrived everyone was fully dressed and ready for action, there was no bubbly though, just good old cups of Yorkshire Tea all round.  Men are always the sensible ones aren’t they!? 

We then got some shots of Matt and Timothy Dalton (cardboard cut-out of Becky’s not so secret crush) and some of the rings, which we triple checked were back in their box after the pictures. 

We arrived at East Riddlesden Hall about an hour before the ceremony and set about getting pictures of the arriving guests and the hall and it’s amazing decorations. The theme was autumnal to suit the time of year and looked fantastic with pumpkins and orange and brown colours all around.

“we do” 

After the ceremony we spent 45 minutes with just Becky and Matt and got some great pictures of them together.

We had a wonderful day and feel totally privileged to have been their photographers on this most epic of days in their lives together.

Link to the pictures

Russ & Mirelle x

Rock n Roll Bride


Hurray! The wedding we shot for Rach and Dan has now been blogged by Kat on the awesome Rock n Roll Bride Website.

We are so thrilled that we were selected to appear on this exclusive blog because as you know we are quite new to all this and to have our work recognised so early is a huge honour and we are well “chuffed” 

Here is a link to the blog: Rock n Roll

Also, we have just finished editing the images from Becky and Matt’s Wedding and will be posting a selection soon (not before we deliver them to Becky and Matt, obviously).

We have also had quite a few bookings confirmed now for 2016 and 2017, so give us a shout if you are thinking of booking with us!

Mirelle & Russ x

It's been too long ...

Hi all 

This is just a really quick blog to let you know what is coming up for;


I am conscious that I haven’t kept on top of the blog we started last month, this has mainly been down to us being really busy getting our business off the ground. 

Over the last month we have been spending our time working on marketing and getting our brand as we want it. We have had quite a few bookings in now for 2016 and 2017 and we are really excited. 

We have an engagement shoot coming up this weekend so look out for the pictures in the coming weeks from that. We also shot an amazing autumn wedding this Saturday just gone for the wonderful Becky and Matt at East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley. Again, we will post these pictures soon. 

We also got to use our two vintage Polaroid Cameras at Becky and Matt’s Wedding and we were really happy with the reception that they got. The guests were coming up and asking if they could have a picture. We think this is a great USP and we are really pleased that it’s going down well with guests.

 One of our Polaroids from Becky & Matt's Wedding

One of our Polaroids from Becky & Matt's Wedding

We have also tweaked our site and we think it looks really good now, have a look around and let us know what you think! 

Oh, and just one more small thing to mention … you might have noticed the Rock n Roll Bride Vendor badge on our site. Well, we have just been told by Kat that the Blog of our wedding shoot that we did for Rach and Dan will be published on Thursday on her wonderful site! 

We will blog the link to this on Thursday.

Bye for now

Russ & Mirelle 

East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography

Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography


Shortbread, Tea and a Terrapin!

It is actually October right?

I ask this because I am not sure that you would have been able to tell this weekend in Yorkshire! It was glorious.

Mirelle and I arrived at East Riddlesden Hall in Keighley on Sunday morning ahead of our wedding venue visit with the lovely Becky and Matt. They are getting married here in Nov and we are lucky enough to be their wedding photographers, so we wanted to have a little look around ahead of the big day! we also thought it would be a good chance to get a few pictures with them before we all do it for real in a months time.

We had arrived a little early so we made our way to the café that is situated in part of the building. It was just before 11am so the perfect time to have a cup of tea and a lovely slice of shortbread. If you visit the hall (and you should, it’s stunning) I would recommend the cherry shortbread.

Becky and Matt arrived shortly after and we all had a walk over to the barn in which the ceremony and reception will take place. It is a fantastic venue and it was looking extremely pretty with fairly lights wrapped around all the exposed beams. The roof is also low enough to bounce a flash should we need it come the reception! (photographers head on).

After a brief chat in the barn we made our way over to the hall itself and its stunning gardens. We had a slow walk around and stopped in a few spots to take a few pictures and work on a few ideas. I think it is safe to say that we are all excited for the big day now and cannot wait to get some amazing images for Becky and Matt to cherish pour toujours! (forever).

Oh yes, the terrapin, I almost forgot … on the way out of the hall after the shoot there was a bit of a congregation appearing over on the edge of the duck pond. An eagle eyed visitor with a pair of binoculars had spotted a huge terrapin that had apparently climbed out and was sunning itself on a tree root! I told you it was too warm to be October!

Russ & Mirelle x